Appraisal Process and Rates

The Appraisal Process & Rates

The Onsite Examination
Our appraisers meticulously examine all the property to be included in the Appraisal Report while evaluating characteristics, noting condition, obtaining measurements and taking photographs. The time spent in this phase is considered “On Site Time.” For large appraisals a tape recorder is used which speeds the on site process. When a tape recorder is used there is office transcription of the tapes. Transcription time is also considered “On Site Time”.

The Photographs
Digital color photographs are taken to document the existence of your items and aid in the research for comparable recent sales. Photographs taken are included with the report and are mounted and bound into the report for the nominal charge of the Appraiser’s cost. Photographs taken are the property of Bosch Appraisal & Estate Services and may be used on our website or other promotional materials.

The Research
Value conclusions for appraisals are based upon comparable recent sales and market analysis for each item. Research time is the time taken to identify marks and labels, verify dates, locate recent sales of items comparable to yours, investigate appropriate markets, and consult with experts, if necessary. This approach produces an accurate report that fully and properly documents your property.

Our Appraisals are written to U. S. Government standards for Appraisal Reports as outlined in the Appraisal Foundation’s, “Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice”. There can be up to four hours spent in office, for research and report preparation for every hour spent on site, depending upon the number of items in the appraisal. Unusual items, fine antiques and art can require additional research time. Unusual appraisals for specific purposes can require additional research time. The Appraiser will not assign a value on a given item until the appropriate research has been conducted on that item.

The time spent in this phase is considered “Research Time.” The Appraiser agrees to notify the Client of any article of personal property which, in the Appraiser’s opinion, requires consultation with a specialist for authentication or evaluation. The Appraiser will also notify the Client when an item may require extraordinary research time to authenticate and/or evaluate, in which case, separate negotiations for these services will be negotiated between the Appraiser and the Client.

The Report
The Appraisal Report consists of a printed report of the completed appraisal with accompanying photographs and complete documentation for each appraisal item. Included in the report is a cover letter detailing the process taken and definitions of values used; a value summary sheet; an itemized list of the property appraised; and the appraiser’s qualifications. Extra color copies are available upon request at the appraiser’s cost for duplication $75.00 per copy. Digital copies are available for $75.00.

Delivery of the Report
You will receive a statement by mail that your report is ready. All fees must be paid in advance of the release of documents. Upon receipt of your remittance, your appraisal report will be sent by Federal Express. Payment or delivery exceptions must be made in advance with the appraiser.

Current Rates
Appraisal Hours per Appraiser: $ 250.00 per hour
Research Hours per Appraiser: $ 250.00 per hour
Report Writing and Preparation: $ 250.00 per hour
Verbal Consultations: $ 250.00 per hour
Travel Hours per Appraiser: $ 100.00 per hour, after 30 minutes free each way
Travel Lodging, Meals, Airfare: Per Diem

Appraisal Hours – The time necessary for the Appraiser(s) to examine, evaluate and value all items to be included in the Report.

Appraisal Assistant Onsite: $50.00 per hour

Research Hours – The time necessary for the Appraiser(s) to identify marks, labels, verify dates, locate recent comparable sales, identify and evaluate artists, consult other experts when necessary and evaluate the items included in the Report.

Report Writing and Preparation Hours – The time necessary for the Appraiser(s) to write descriptions and values, write the cover letter, prepare and assemble the Report, mount photographs into the Report or for large reports into a binder, bind, copy, mail or otherwise deliver the Report.

Verbal Consultation Hours – The time necessary for the Appraiser to examine, evaluate and express an informed opinion in person or on the telephone. A verbal consultation is a restricted use appraisal for the purpose of informing and guiding the client only.

Estate Liquidation Consultation Hours – The time necessary for the Consultant to examine the items to be liquidated, evaluate and express an opinion that is appropriate for the individual circumstances of the client who wishes to liquidate the items on their own but needs the advice of an expert. (See Estate Sales for further information).

Travel Hours – The time necessary for the Appraiser(s) to travel to the onsite inspection and return to the office. The time billed is the time each way that it takes the appraiser to drive straight from the office to the assignment address and straight back to the office.

Travel Lodging, Meals, Airfare – Client will be billed at the Appraiser’s actual expense for lodging, meals, airfare and other travel expenses upon presentation of statement with receipts.