Onsite Estate Sale Services

Onsite Estate Sale Services

During our initial pre-sale interview and inspection we determine exactly what is available to sell and give you our recommendations regarding your specific situation. We discuss our fees, go over the specifics of your sale in detail, identify and photograph the items to be included in the sale.

Advertising and Marketing

We provide professional advertising and marketing of your sale to our extensive list of estate sale clients to attract a buying crowd through our email list on Constant Contact, EstateSale.net, Craig’s List and local newspapers. We distribute flyers by hand to antique stores, antique dealers and send flyers to our mailing list, and provide professional outdoor signage to direct customers to the sale.

We have an extensive network of auction houses, both local and international with which we work on your behalf. When an item is deemed to be too unusual or potentially valuable to be sold at an Estate Sale we provide the service of Auction Placement to expose that particular item or items to the best market situation possible at the time of your liquidation process.

Pricing and Research

All items are researched and priced according to established regional market value prices. For antiques and art, pricing research is conducted. Any item determined to be too valuable to be sold at an estate sale will be marketed via the most appropriate venue. It is always our intention to provide maximum income to the estate.

Set Up and Display

Our professional staff sorts, cleans, repairs, organizes and arranges every item in the sale. Each item has a price tag to identify what it is and its price. Smalls are placed on sales tables with tablecloths and staff is placed in strategic locations throughout to protect your property at all times.

During the Sale

All items are sold as-is and all sales are final. We have a professional sales desk. Our cashiers collect sales tax which we pay for you. We sell by “cash and carry” which means we accept cash and checks with correct identification. We provide a wrapping table with paper, bags and boxes for the convenience of our clients. We provide crowd control when necessary for the protection of your property and out of respect for the neighbors.


We provide you with an accurate account of all money received and prompt settlement within ten business days of the last day of the sale.

From start to finish we do everything. Security is one of our main considerations. We leave the property broom clean, with sale debris hauled away. We handle all work involved from the beginning to the end of the sale in a professional dignified manner.

Charitable Contributions

We arrange for the donation and pick up of remaining unsold items to the charity of your choice. You are provided with an itemized list of donated items and values for income tax purposes.