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We offer professionally and considerately conducted onsite Estate, Moving and Downsizing Sales. We specialize in Estate Sales that include antiques, fine art and vintage collectible items. An Estate Sale is held using the entire house and sells the entire contents of the home, usually after someone has died. A Moving Sale requires use of the entire house after someone has moved and downsized and sells the remaining items not taken by the client. A Downsizing Sale requires use of the garage and yard as display space and sells items the client no longer wishes to keep, and is for someone who remains living in the home while paring down.

Perhaps you are downsizing after years of collecting or moving to a smaller home during a life transition. You might be the trustee or executor of an estate and you are charged with the responsibility of liquidating the contents of a deceased relative’s home. We will assist you with the liquidation of all personal property in a professional, considerate and timely manner.

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Bosch Estate Services conducts professional Onsite Estate Sales. This service is especially helpful for anyone who faces the task of liquidating personal property in an estate. Family members who live out of state appreciate being able to leave the liquidation in our hands. Other times the task of organizing and selling a loved one’s lifetime accumulation of personal property is simply too overwhelming.

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