Verbal Consultations

We have a free telephone consultation when you first call that is designed to assess your situation. During that call we identify with you the services we provide to meet those needs. Then, if you so decide, we schedule an onsite consultation that is designed specifically for your situation.

Our onsite consultations give you the assurance and peace of mind that all items in your estate have been checked by a professional. Clients are notified when a particular item in the consultation needs research before a value range can be discussed.

We currently provide two types of onsite consultations:
1. Consultations for Trustees and Heirs in an Estate
2. Household Downsizing of Antiques, Art & Residential Contents

During the consultation the appraiser will examine, and express an opinion regarding condition, desirability, and marketability. At the end of the consultation you will receive a Liquidation Resource Guide to assist you with the distribution or liquidation of your items. We discuss with you the appropriate venues from local to international for each item you designate, considering always your particular situation, needs and circumstances.

Consultations for Trustees and Heirs in an Estate
We provide verbal consultations for heirs, executors, trustees and family members who need to know the market and potential value of items in an estate, but who do not require a written appraisal. This consultation provides a walk through review of personal property in an estate PRIOR to distribution to heirs or liquidation, with the emphasis on identification of objects of value and the equalization of value amongst the heirs. We will also assist you with the liquidation process for remaining items.

We will oversee the actual distribution of property to heirs, if you wish. Our distribution process helps families distribute inherited items equitably amongst themselves and assists in avoiding family strife.

Household Triage – Consultations for Household Downsizing of Antiques, Art & Residential Contents
For those clients who are downsizing and want to know how to sell valuable items, we give our personal recommendation for choosing the most appropriate sales venue.

This consultation provides invaluable information and guidance from our many years assisting clients to help you liquidate each item conveniently and judiciously.

“Thank you, Nancy, I appreciate your expertise when I came to selling my painting. I had not a clue as to its worth, much less where to sell it.”

“I am downsizing and appreciate knowing I am placing my treasures where they will sell for the most money possible, and get new homes with people who will enjoy owning them as I have for all these years.”

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