Written Appraisals

Written Appraisals

The values of antiques, fine art and personal property change over time and have different values in different markets. A current appraisal is required by insurance companies, estate planners, accountants, lawyers and trust officers in order to know the current value when making important decisions regarding your valuable property.

An up-to-date professional appraisal by a qualified appraiser is the most reliable source of personal property valuation. An appraisal enables you to make educated decisions and to avoid making financial mistakes as to the value of your personal property at crucial times of life.

Some of the factors that influence value are condition of the item, age of the item, rarity, desirability, provenance (history) and attractiveness. Other value determinants are recent comparable sales, opinions of experts, purpose of the appraisal (whether for insurance or estate), and whether the value is retail replacement cost, fair market value, market value or liquidation value.

Our appraisers are extensively trained to assign the value for the use for which the appraisal is intended, to assure your appraisal is appropriate for your needs. Our appraisals are written to the standards upheld by The Appraisal Foundation, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the ISA Appraisal Report Writing Standard.

We Specialize in Appraisals For:

Coverage for Antiques, Fine Art and Personal Property
Damage Claims – Loss of Value

Tax Liability – Estate reports follow IRS guidelines set forth by Section 20.2031.1 (b) for reporting personal property under Federal Estate Tax Return #706, Schedule F.
Probate Settlement
Establishment of a Trust
Estate Planning

Division of Personal Property in a Divorce
Division of Personal Property Amongst Heirs

Non-Cash Personal Property
IRS Form 8283 – Charitable contribution reports follow IRS guidelines of Section 1.17A-1 (c)(2) for reporting non-cash charitable contributions for values in excess of $5,000.USD. Your appraisal will include Form 8283 with Section B, Parts II & III completed by the appraiser.

Pre-Appraisal Preparation Suggestions

The Appraisal Process and Rates

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