Nancy Burke Bosch – Professional Profile

Nancy Burke Bosch, ISA AM has extensive hands on experience in her chosen field of antiques, fine art and decorative objects, professionally for over thirty years. “Antiques and art have always been a part of my life.” The love of antiques and art which was nurtured by her mother from early childhood, continues to this day with Nancy’s chosen profession as a fine art and antique appraiser, serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

An art history major in college, Nancy collected antiques as a young adult. In 1975 she entered the antique business while in the process of serving as executrix to two large family estates. In 1980, Nancy co-established The Pavilion Antiques, a 8,200 square foot, 45 dealer antique collective in San Anselmo, California. In 1993, she established Dove Place Antiques. During her twenty-two year career in the antique business, she was intimately involved with the identification, vetting, marketing and sale of millions of dollars worth of antiques, art and decorative objects. In 1997, Nancy left the antique business to establish Bosch Appraisal and Estate Services. “Becoming an independent appraiser is the fulfillment of a life-long dream.”

Today, Nancy uses her wealth of experience to serve clients, whether they require a formal written appraisal, a simple one hour consultation, or assistance with the disposition of an estate.

“Whether the assignment is large or small, I dedicate myself to the process of providing clients with the most professional appraisal experience possible.”

Sandra Soklin – Professional Profile

Our jewelry appraiser, Sandra Soklin, GG has been involved in the jewelry business since 1986, when she chose to combine her love of jewelry with her fascination with people and their stories. Sandra completed her Graduate Gemology courses in residence at the Gemological Institute of America.

She then trained at Maxferd Jewelry & Golden Gate Gems, two of the oldest institutions in San Francisco understanding the benefits of jewelry as collateral for loans. There she learned precious metals testing, identifying mounted gemstones, calculating the total diamond and colored stone weights of elaborate jewelry pieces as well as determining whether jewelry pieces were vintage creations or reproductions.

Sandra then worked for five years with the Butterfield & Butterfield auction house in San Francisco, where she gained further valuable experience with designer jewelry, learned the auction process, values and descriptions, and worked with lawyers and estates.

Since 1997 Sandra has worked as a jewelry appraiser for Union Street Goldsmith in San Francisco, as well as consulting with private clients and jewelers around the Bay Area. Sandra is careful to examine collections, determining what is fine jewelry and what is costume, and is happy to advise clients regarding values and the best options for the distribution of precious objects that often have great sentimental value.