Pre-Appraisal Preparation Suggestions

Pre-Appraisal Preparation Suggestions

In order to expedite your upcoming appraisal, please consider the following suggestions when applicable to your specific appraisal situation.Prior to my arrival it is not necessary that you make lists of what you have. I will photograph, measure and list everything upon my arrival. What is helpful is that you group like items together and have them out where they can be easily photographed, documented and measured.

1. Decide exactly on which items you want appraised.

2. Provide copies of any provenance (i.e. historical information or family history), previous appraisals, bills of sale or original receipts which you may have for any item(s) and place my copy near the subject item(s).

3. Make certain that there is adequate lighting and cooling.

4. When possible please have large antique furniture pulled away from the wall so I may inspect backsides. Remove paintings, prints and etchings off the wall in advance of my arrival.

5. Unpack items that are in drawers, trunks or boxes.

6. Please set out your silver, china and crystal on your dining room table prior to my arrival.

Separate sterling silver flatware and hollow serve ware from silver plate. It is often advisable to have me appraise silver plate, as the replacement cost of fine antique silver plate can be considerable.

Separate sterling flatware by pattern. Count and list the number of individual pieces to include serving pieces. Please arrange one complete place setting of flatware and its complimentary serving pieces. Remainder of flatware may be left uncovered in its chest or box to be photographed and documented. For estate appraisals, sterling silver will be weighed by the appraiser.

The same procedure applies to china and glassware. If sets are stored in protective coverings or in boxes, please unpack and arrange one complete place setting and list the number of pieces and their respective condition. Please display all the serving pieces.

7. Please display your antique and fine table, bed, bath linens or quilts on a table or bed if they are to be appraised and, if applicable, your designer brand linens.

8. If the appraisal is being conducted for the function of settling an estate, please provide me with the full legal name of the deceased, the estate or trust and date of death. Estate appraisals are photographed, measured and documented by room, left to right, room by room, as required by the IRS for Estate Tax Appraisals.

9. If there is a will, please ensure that all items specifically bequeathed in the will are available for my inspection.

10. If the appraisal is being conducted as an aid to determine a tax deduction for an institution to which the item(s) was donated, please provide me with the date of donation and the name of the institution to which the item is to be donated.

11. If to be included, ensure that items located in the attic, basement, closets and outbuildings are accessible and readily available for my inspection.